Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes, lakes like none other:

Waupaca’s chain of 22 sparkling interconnected spring-fed lakes were left behind by the receding glaciers of the Ice Age. The chain has been a favored gathering place since before the Menomonee named them for their pristine clarity. From here, you can float your canoe down the Crystal River, and continue all the way to the Atlantic. But it’s more fun to stay here and swim, sail, ski, skate, scuba, windsurf, float, fish, hunt, golf, hike, bike, or anything else you can think of doing out of doors.

Collectively, the Waupaca Chain contains approximately 274 surface acres of water and has 22+ miles of shoreline.

Rainbow, Round, Columbia, and Long Lakes are among the largest of the chain lakes. Here you can enjoy all sports at all speeds while carving through a wake. Boats of every size frequent these lakes to take in the wide open water.

Over on smaller lakes like Taylor, Sunset, Miner, and McCrossen, you can find folks who like to take things a bit slower; meandering through the lakes and channels taking in the sights, floating their cares away on a raft or in a kayak, or gathering at a sand bar to mingle with friends and family.

No matter what speed you like to travel, the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes is one of the most pristine, scenic bodies of water in all Wisconsin. A rare sight in many other lakes, seeing your toes beneath the water on the lake’s sandy bottom or a school of fish swimming by is the norm here, yet it will continually amaze you.

Drop in a Line:

The Waupaca Chain’s lakes are quite deep and provide an array of excellent fishing opportunities with many different types of fish species present. Fish species include, but are certainly not limited to: Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Trout, Sunfish, Bullhead, Catfish, Perch and Lake Sturgeon, and of course, Walleye. Because the lakes vary in size, each location offers a different experience.

No matter your desires, the Waupaca Chain is sure to please.